Almost all the prayers in the Bible

Welcome to Bible Prayers! Lord willing, we will prayerfully consider the Bible as God’s word to us with the prayers of Bible people as our prayers too. We will look at the actual prayers as recorded but also the conditions which led peoples of faith to seek a closer relationship with God as they prayed for themselves, one another, and the world.

Researching the prayers in Holy Scripture initially led to an ecumenical adult Bible study group that lasted for almost two years! Since the resources could not be readily confined to the typical 6 to 12-week Bible study booklets often used for group discussions, the next thought was to assimilate the prayers into a full-length book, which still may be needed, but an older book of similar scope exists.

Meanwhile, the lack of a clear vision for usage caused the work to be set aside for many months until “suddenly” a blog focusing on Bible prayers came to mind. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of prayers! Considering them will most likely take a while, but you will encourage this work-in-progress by following the Bible Prayers blog and praying for it too. Thanks!

May God bless this work and yours and, each day, give us the prayers to pray.


© 2011, Mary Harwell Sayler, all rights reserved



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